How to read action center data after sign task?

Hi community, i am kind of deperate :joy:

Here is my seqence:
Read Excel> upload excel data as queue > “Parallel for each” create form task(upload Excel data) > Wait for Form Task and Resume (wait user comfirm and change data inside tasks) > read tasks data > output data

I am trying to read my form task data after “Wait for Form Task and Resume”, But all i get is the last task data that process created.
Down below is my process*2(1 for extracting excel data, another for task stuff) and excel sourceRead Form Task (118.1 KB)

(the sequence is too long, so i cut most important part of it or you can download 7zip file and see hold sequence:))
Thank to this comnity so much.

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Hi Miles,
Seems you are having problem with data after it is resumed in parallel for each. You may want to look into UiPath Action Center Workflow Templates which shows scenario where and how we can use this

Is there anyway to read created or signed task data??
I read the answer, it does work for get data after resumed in paralled for each!
Now i am thinking how to get data on task ?
For example, i want to read task data, its id is117368 and complete like 2 days ago?

@miles.chen , this is possible through APIs today, please check Orchestrator swagger ​/forms​/TaskForms​/GetTaskDataById
By early next week , we plan to release a new version of Persistence activity pack v1.2 that contains additional activities that would make it more easier to do the following
GetFormTasks, GetTaskData, Complete Task, Forward Task , Re-assign task all from workflow

OK, thanks alot!