How to read a web table and click an item

Hello, today i get my first process to automate and i’m a little nervious but here my question

i need to read a web table:

so depending of the column “Estado” is equal to “Pendiente” i need to click the icon of “Documento” and later the icon of that row belog to column “Detalle Consumos” after this i have to do other process but the procees describe above i have to repeat it the number of results when column “Estado” = “Pendiente”

i thought to do this with data scraping but not sure, maybe a for but i dont know how to get the number of rows of that table

Yes, you can use data scraping and get data into datatable.
you get the row count by using Dt.Rows.Count.ToString
then use for each row to check the value of column “Estado” = “Pendiente”

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