How to read a PDF and then dump the data in a data table


I’m reading PDF’s using OCR but I would like to dump the data in a table from the PDF. How do I do that. I know I can write a line and it is reading it fine. But now I want to do some action on the data.



Hi @tmartin, Build a data table with necessary column headers and add your data under the headers. If required, string manipulation for dumping your data will be helpful.


Thanks for this suggestion. I don’t think this will work for what I’m trying to do.


First you will have to define the fields you need to include, based on that you will have to substring or split by lines your data.

second, you will need to assign the data in varialbes.

third you will have to build your datatable using Datatable activity.
then you can use add data row to insert the data in the datatable.