How to read a mail id from another mail

I have to read an outlook mail id from the body of another mail and store it in a variable called requester can i read and store a mail address as a variable for a series of mails.can anyone please help

@vslp_uipc, Refer this,

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Hi dominic @Dominic ,
Thanks for the help. Iam aware of retrieving mail properties.Thing i want to know is all about retrieving data like email, contact number , customer name,his id number sent in a template through mail

.in the attachment i have to retrieve the highlighted data from the mail i received

@vslp_uipc, In that case you get mail message body using mailmessage.Body and store it to a string variable. Then make string manipulation/Regex.

Following is an example to get username from mail body, Likewise you can do it

Correction in the above solution : Identify usernames in email body

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