How to read a last value in Expandable tree in Uipath

How to read a last value in Expandable tree in SAP application?
I used Expand tree activity. but it is showing error like “This control does not support expand tree activity” . Please help me to solve this.

Hi @BNK ,

Could you maybe explain in a bit more detail as to what you are trying to achieve?

Do you want to retrieve the Last element in a List of Elements on screen ?

Have you tried using Find Children Activity ?

Maybe you can explain us with screenshots your actual requirements.


I need to extract all values from expandable tree. I attached sample image. I need to do this in SAP application.

@BNK ,

Try using Find Children Activity, Indicate on the Menu Item, i.e Object-oriented programming for instance, then Check the Execution.

You could use a Write Line Activity to check the count of the Output from Find Children Activity.

We might need to modify the selector. But this can be done as a quick check to see if we are able to extract the needed data.
Do share the Selector in UiExplorer as a Screenshot here to analyse more.

Let us know the output/if you receive any errors.