How to read a folder and attach them to an email

Hello i have a folder with some csv so now i have to attacht all these csv’s to an email but no idea where can i start maybe that folder could have others type of files, i could create a variable with the names of those cvs that i want to attach but i don’t know how this could help me

You need to use Directory.GetFiles(" DirectoryPath",“File Type Like .pdf,.csv”).

This will give you an array of filenames of that particular extension. Copy them to a separate folder or create a new one and copy and then zip that folder because you will not be able to attach folder directly and attaching files individually will not be a good idea.

Then you can attach this zip to your email.

:open_mouth: thank i’ll try and let you know thanks ;D

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Hello you know i do just to experiment get the names and print them with a combo box but does not work take a look if you want

project.json (292 Bytes)
Main.xaml (7.1 KB)

this this my directory


i took an eye more detailed so i forgot to specify all .csv “*.csv” :smiley:

Hey @PrankurJoshi is there a way to zip a folder with an activity?

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See this-

Zip and unzip a file in uipath -

Did it help?

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yes it helped :smiley: