How to read a complete row from datatable

Hi everyone,

I would like to know, How to read a complete row from datatable to append into a Excel File, but line by line, not a specific column from datatable.

To read a specific column, I use: dt_Example.Rows(0).Item(“ColumnName”).ToString

But I get confuse when I want to read a complete row form datatable.

Please help me!!

Hi David,

Put dt_example data table in a for each row. If you want to append specific rows from that, build a data table before the for each which exactly have same columns with dt_Example. Then inside of for each row use add data row activity. Then clear append table. Check ss below;


Hi ercanebiler,

Thanks for your support.

when I go through that activity, it throws the following error


I don’t know Why?

I already found the error!!

it works perfectly.

Thank you very much for your help

You are welcome :slight_smile: Happy automations.

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