How to read 3rd sheet of excel first

I have an excel file i need to update data from “testexcel” to sample excel.
In testexcel i have sheets “data”, “value” and “first page”,i have to update from sheet(first page) to sample excel, for that i created workflow like

1.Get file path using(directory.getfiles)
2.Passed that file path to for each.
3.Created an excel application scope and passed filename. created output as Inputdata.
4.Again passed that Inpudata(excel application scope output) to for each and provided one message box to find which sheet it is reading,it is reading sheet"data".
5.If it has to read sheet “firstpage” at first what change i have to do in the workflow.
Can any one please suggest a solution for this.
TestExcel.xlsx (9.7 KB)

Hello @Chippy_Kolot

If the file has only 3 sheets and if you get it to an array it will be in order.

You can reverse the order in the areay, then use that new array to read the sheets.


Hi @Chippy_Kolot
Sheets (4).xaml (6.2 KB)
Put Workbook variable in excel scope Wb and put this
expression-> Wb.GetSheets(2).ToString
it will give your 3rd sheetname

Can you please share the workflow…

I did the same…But its taking first sheet, not the exact sheet which I required

@Chippy_Kolot I tested on your excel sheet. Its working can you share your side code

Hi @Chippy_Kolot

You try with Get Workbook sheets activity

Reference XAML

GetSheet.xaml (9.8 KB)