How to read 2 different cells and get the value in application saagie

Hi everyboy !!

I’m sorry for my english im going to try to explain my problem. Ive searched on google but no solutions for my issue

Let’s go

This is my file and i want to read value in the E5 and then read the value which is in the E6

Then i want to put these values in a application called saagie

It is for create 2 differents groups in saagie application

Please could you bring me a solution and the process in details

Thks everybody have a good day

you can use read cell activity to read value in a specific cell

Yes but after ?
these are my steps :

excel application scope
read cell E5
read cell E6
set text input (to display the group in E5 excel in the field of my saagie application)
set text input (to create)

But it doesnt work for the second group in E6

what is second group? the requirement is not fully clear