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Hi all,

So I am making this project for myself now and i want it to type something, delete files and when its done type something else and delete the files again. And i want to do that like 4 times but how should i do that ( how do i make like a dynamic value) it’s been a while so please let me know!


i didnt get this part alone buddy
kindly elaborate a bit more on the requirement pls
we can pass the number of times to iterate through a variable

Cheers @BjrnUitenbroek

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Hi @Palaniyappan Thanks for the respond!

So let me explain a bit better i want to type in the text: temp. then it does some activities and when thats finished i want to search %temp% and do some activities and after that i want to search: prefetch and do some activities. I hope i explained it to you now!


so how far we are in the process and may i know the issue we are facing

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It’s just a small process just made the begin of opening the application, but the problem is how do i do this part how do i make this

with which activities!

Thanks and cheers! @Palaniyappan

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So basically you want to automate a process of types into and then other things for 4 different types of inputs.

  1. Are the activities same all the 4 times?
  2. How do you expect the input to this bot? user or a file etc.
  3. Which application are your trying to automate? Windows itself?

Ideally if they are different processes and say dependent on user type into then you can create different workflows and add the activities.

More info needed here to help you out.

@nadim.warsi Thanks for responding!

  1. The activities are the same each time just the thing it types is different!
  2. User is possible but want it to be as independant as possible so i might try with just values(arguments and variables)
  3. Yes i am automating the run application from windows!

Start like the below and you can add your activities. Post that you can change your input section to the way you require.

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Thanks @nadim.warsi this works!

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