How to re-generate dependencies in project.json file?

I’ve seen that we have a dependencies section in each robot’s project.json file. My understanding is that when the robot is run, it will examine this section to determine whether all required activities are present on the local computer. If not… it will try to get them from the Orchestrator server.

So… let’s say I copy/paste robot A to use as a template for robot B, and I make a bunch of changes to robot B, maybe adding/removing activities in its logic.

How then do I ensure that robot B’s dependencies section lists the right activities?

Another post I looked at claims that this dependencies section is created when we click the Publish button, but I deleted that section, clicked Publish, and the section did not return.

How do we re-generate the dependencies section so we know it’s accurate for that robot project?

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Have you find an answer to this yet? Having the same problem