How to raise email alerts with report- Orchestrator


We already created alerts but we are not getting information in the report email, even though we have faulted jobs or business exception.
How to get the count of faulted/ exceptions?


@Sat - Go to the setting and setup these fields below then You will receive alerts.

Hope it will help you.
Click on the Enable alerts email and fill all these with gmail/outlook which have SMTP credentials enabled.

Hi @anmolk171,

Thanks for your reply, we already set that up. The above screenshot we are getting as an alert to mentioned email. But I want the highlighted fields (in the screenshot) instead of 0.

Hi @anmolk171 is it possible to set custom email alert like when only the job is faulted then only the email alert should trigger, and if not, then what is the frequency of this functionality, on what basis the mail is triggered ?