How to query a table outside a MySQL database

Hi to all,
in my flow, I created a virtual table, with a Build Data Table.
It’s a static table, so I haven’t configured it on the MySQL DB.


It is a decoding table.
the Bot collects from a path a value written as in the Value1 column, but it will have to use it subsequently written as in the Value2 column.

Can I query the table without having to create it, on DB MySQL? if so, how?


Do you mean by creating a table in sql without configuring column name and column type


Of course yes.

You can use Queries or use the “Filter Data Table” activity.


My problem is that I don’t know how to create the query, on the variable.

If I were to query a table on Database, I would proceed as follows:
“select Value2 from GestoriDT where Value1 ='”+operatore+"’ "

but with this type of datatable…
but with this type of table, i don’t know how to operate.
I would like to extract the value directly with a variable.

instead of that you can once insert the table and after process solve then you can drop the table

In buildDT, you have an output which is a data table.

then just do for example: