How to put vertical heads in cc while sending outlook mail?

We have five verticals departments like project management, R & I and each vertical having different vertical head & reporting managers. while sending employee details to each reporting manager department wise using outlook want to keep vertical heads in cc details . So how to put vertical heads in cc while sending outlook mail?

Hi @ravindra.muluk

is the information like departments vertical head reporting manager has everything in excel

Ashwin S

Yes the information of departments having in Curr. Department column of excel & manager email id in column name(Manager Email Id) of same excel

In manager email id column it contains all the manager details including vertical heads. So whenever mail send to manager department wise it should fetch the vertical head email id to cc as per department head

Hi @ravindra.muluk

you can do a spit on the column with manager & email id

like row(“Manager & Email Id”).ToString.Split(“”.ToCharArray)

based on that you can pass the value in send outlook mail message

Ashwin S

Currently I have used for each row activity. So am able to send mail to respective managers but difficulty facing how to put vertical heads in cc.

Hi @ravindra.muluk

Can you split the vertical heads in another column where you can pass the row value in cc property

Ashwin S

Please check the attached screenshot of process

But the source excel file we are getting in that vertical head names includes in manager name column

Please check the attached excel sample uipath.xlsx (10.3 KB)

Hi Ravindra,

Create one dictionary with keys as(Employee Name) and value as (Manager Name | Curr.Department)

Create one separate sheet with Columns Curr.Department,vertical heads id.

get all the data into another dictionary.

using get from dictionary activity get the value from the dictionary and use it n mail cc

Not able to create dictionary

Please help me in that

Is there any other option ?