How to Put Robot In Continuous running State

Can Anyone tell me by using which condition in RE-Framework We Can Put Robot in Continuous Running State


Schedule it to run frequently, say for every 5 minutes.
May I know the reason why you want to change the condition in REFramework, for which scenario you need this?

we can use loop like WHILE LOOP, DO WHILE LOOP and FOR EACH activity
based on our need with a condition mentioned in it
while in REFramework this can be implemented inside the GET TRANSACTION STATE and PROCESS STATE by incrementing the transactionnumber

Cheers @varun5

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i just wanted to know whether we can do this or not?

We can do it, its called infinite loop in technical term, but which is not recommended in the implementation.

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Do we Have to Schedule it from Orchestrator


As @Palaniyappan mentioned you can use any one of the looping statement to achieve this.

If you want your process to run with certain functionality under your control then schedule it from Orchestrator.

For what reason/process you want to implement like this?


Yes if you are using Orchestrator then we can schedule it easily based on Minutes, Hours, Days, Weekely, Monthly etc… And also we can easily Trigger and monitor our BOTS with Orchestrator.

When you say ’ Robot in Continuous Running State’, do you mean to achieve maximum utilisation of bots?