How to put htmlwindowname in variable?

Hi, everyone.

Im facing a problem and ask you for help.
I try to build scraping data bot on the everyday schedule from The problem is that everytime I open the browser htmlwindowname changes. So my selector doesn`t work. My scratch looks like:

  1. Open browser
  2. Data Scapping (from design tab) - to scrap i click the first and the last element in the datatable.
  3. Write range.

When I do the proccess the first time - everything works fine. But when i close the browser window and replay the procces it doesnt due to changed htmlwindowname .

I kindly ask to give me an advice.

variable , windowname = “My Dynamic Window Name”

For example, "<... htmlwindowname ='" + windowname + "' />"

Karthik Byggari

When you open the browser, output to a UiPath.Core.Browser variable. Then place any activities in a browser scope targeting this variable. Replace the htmlwindowname attribute in your data scraping target with * wildcard

Thank you for advise. Unfortunatelly, wildcard doesnt help to solve the problem. Dont know why.

Thank you. But how I know the value of window name. It is random in my case.

if you are placing the data scraping activity in an attach browser frame which targets your UiPath.Core.Browser variable, you should have no need to have htmlwindowname in your target for data scraping. try removing it completely.

Didnt help. Or I am doing something wrong.Forum.xaml (8.5 KB)

There is no error reported so your workflow is working, even when it is closed and attempted again.

It seems that the website isn’t a straightforward extract data structure task. you will need to understand the nature of the data and how it is structured on the web page to get the information you need. this should be done by using the UiExplorer and looking at how the various data is correlated.

But it works with standart data scrapping. The problem apperars only with new browser window. The same case is with another site with a standart html tab.

ok, use this target then.

<html app='chrome.exe' htmlwindowname='*' title='Новостройки в Новой Москве - продажа квартир в новостройках от з*' />
<webctrl parentid='app' tag='DIV' idx='105' />

Ui Explorer has validated it