How to put formula in excel taking data from Queue?

I have added data from excel to Orch Queue, under Reframework - Initializedata block.

Any suggestions how do I put a excel formula under Process block. I can only get the column values in message box using in-TransactionItem.SpecificContent("***").


I’m not completely sure what you are trying to do, but you can read Excel formulas with the Read Cell Formula activity and write Excel formulas with the Write Cell activity.

Does this help?

I hv to put d formula in process block as shown in pic. Can u share some syntax how do I proceed?

I tried directly putting d formulae bt its giving some error.

Hi @ranjitnayak007

Where exactly do you want to put the formula in process , in excel sheet? If you want to write the formula in excel write cell will work.


But, but… you haven’t shown a process block in the pic!

Here is what I assume you want to do: Read the excel formulas from an excel sheet and store them in queue items, so you can use the formula in the process later by accessing QueueItem.SpecificContent.

Take a look at this sample. I won’t send .xaml, please practice this yourself :wink:

Edit: RowNumber should probably be RowIndex + 2 (not +1) unless you don’t have headers. So RowIndex 0 is corresponding with ExcelRow 2.

Happy automating

Got it. So you are applying all formulae before putting into Queue, I was trying the formulae in process block after putting into queue.

Will try this.


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