How to put data from a table in a unique line by a unique key

Hi all,

My case is the following:

  1. I have an excel file with client’s data.
  2. Each client has a unique code
  3. If the client has two products excel file will have two lines, if tree products, tree lines and so for the same client like the example below:

Key | Client | Product
001 Nm1 Prod1
001 Nm1 Prod2
002 Nm2 Prod1

I need to create an excel file with one line by client with products in different columns in the same line as below:

Key | Client | Product 1 | Product 2 | Product 3 | Product n
001 Nm1 Prod1 Prod2
002 Nm2 Prod1

any idea on how do it in Uipath?


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Hey @debora.d.silva

This is possible

  1. Find distinct client IDs from table

  2. Iterate the client IDs with ForEach

  3. Filter the records from the master table for this client ID

  4. Form the datatable again

Hope this helps