How to put Argument value into Excel Input box appear after executing Macro

I want to put the Argument Value into Input box appear after Macro Execution start. this Input box is the part if Macro coding.
Currently after macro execution start and Input box appear my Code gets stucked.

Below is my workflow screen shot where I mentioned if Element Exist (Input Box) but code is not moving there.

Below is the Input box appear in Excel Macro where I want to put my Argument value and then click on OK


Sample workflow has been uploaded for more reference.
Main.xaml (49.9 KB)

I would suggest that you put a log activity to see if the element is really detected by the element exists. And then you can just used send hotkeys to put the value if typeinto is not possible

Hi @nilesh.mahajan

The best practice is to create a new macro which with a parameter but need not input box,
and except for that it can achieve the same functionality as your original macro.

Hi, thnx for reply.
New Macro creation will not work because I used to download the macro from browser.

Hi, Thnx for response. I have used log activity. element exists is not executed due to input box appear in macro execution.