How to Push one cell value of excel into multiple columns of database in uipath

I’m confuse that how can i push data of one cell value of excel into the multiple columns of database

here are Some Pic that show what Structure i want.

Not sure about the question, you want to insert the same data in multiple rows of the data table from excel?


Hi @swanand_deshmukh, try this :

You can use update column SQL to do that right? If you use insert, you need to run the same query for multiple times, so use update table set column = ‘value’;

Thanks!!! but i only want specific data in the column so how can i get this

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Sorry, i’m not understand clear your doubt, are you want retrieve data from specific row then push them into multi row of one column or opposite?

yes but push it into database column

Yeah, i know that, You can use Write Cell activity to write into Database column.
Step 1 : i’m read all value of all cell in specific row.
Step 2: i’m create & assign Count variable = 1.
Step 3: i’m use for each activity & loop through result Step 1 to get data each cell of row. Then i am use write Cell to write “item.ToString” into "Column B + count ". Finally, i’m assign “count = count + 1” for the next row of column.

YESS!!! i did this but it not work for what ask

i i want to pick data for F12 cell and push it into date column

Hi @swanand_deshmukh,

You can use an “AutoFill” activity with the range required.


Sorry, it’s my wrong, can you let’s me know how much rows you want write into column and you want write in the same Excel file or into another ?

@TanVuong Its ok As per the new row in the DataBase i want to Add Date column data, and i don want to write in same excel as well as another but i want to write in MS sql Data base