How to pull up Terminal Wizard when running a session?


After I have completed a block of code in a terminal session, how do I see the code being run within the Terminal Wizard?

It seems that after I click “Run”, the entire process is running in the background and I can’t visually confirm how the code is being executed.


If I understood your concern correctly, you can log your logic results using Write Line activity and view in Output

Instead of verifying the process through logs, I want to see a terminal window open after I click “Run” and actually see the process running as a user would manually execute.

What type of process are you trying to execute using the robot?

It’s an enterprise level AS400 process. I’m using the UiPath Internal Provider to establish the terminal session.

@badita can you help.

No. I’m a terminal rookie. But I will bring others here. This should help but I know that AS400 has some issues.

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try this one

  1. Configure the Terminal Session using this method:

— Micro Focus Rumba (source: Automating Terminals and Mainframes)

The EHLLAPI implementation dll is ehlapi32.dll’; default, it is located in ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\RUMBA\System’. The Ehll Enhanced checkbox should be unchecked.


In Micro Focus Rumba Desktop application one must associate a session short name letter (Options → API… → Identification ->Session Short Name). Also, must check the classic HLLAPI data structure (Options → API… → Configuration → Classic HLLAPI data structure).----Save the terminal session.

  1. Before the Terminal Session Activity in your code, add a Start Process Activity and give the path of the saved terminal session.