How to publish to Orchestrator?!?

Have you linked Orchestrator to your Robot? If not do that first by Starting the UiRobot service in local services. Then create a Robot in Orchestrator and link its Robot key to you Machine. Then try to publish


Thanks for the response yes I connected in and it confirmed that the status is available, bur I still cant Publish.

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Check that you Robot in the Orchestrator is sending heartbeats. If not Open system tray on your system click on Ui icon in the tray. That will open a popup enter robot key, machine name and platform URL in the same then click on connect and verify the same. Once it is connected you would be able to Publish the package

Hi yes it is sending heat beats. But can’t publish.

Try one thing create a whole new Robot with new keys in Orchestrator and then connect it to your Machine then see what happens

Hi I did reset the robot, created a new one and it still is not working. One thing that is interesting is that when I try to publish it is saying that JMURP robot is not available but when I created a new robot I did not call it that so it must be looking for a previous robot but not sure why.
Again the robot is showing as connected in the system tray and also on the orchestrator when I am trying to publish.

Is there a way to get the Nuget package even if i am connected to orchestrator so that i can upload the nuget package in a different region without connecting to that region?

Was there any resolution to this issue? Thank you

Hi, no I never did get this resolved.

It finally worked for me. I had to select “Development” in the drop-down and re-publish item in Studio

Thanks I will give that a try

You might need to redo everything in orchestrator…just fyi


hey @jmurphy99

as i can see from the error message i.e,
Error: A robot with user name ‘JMURP’ is not defined in Orchestrator

you might using the different user name in Orchestrator and in the local system thats why above error is coming .

try to use the same user name as defined in the orchestrator while logging into the computer which is connected to orchestrator


This has helped thank you

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