How to publish the project to other machine?

Hi Everyone,

We have two machine
Machine 1 for to create and practice the UIpath
Machine 2 is used for running the uipath based on job (which i need to start from now on)

All these days I was using only one machine to handle everything now I have a machine two in this I want to share the project which I have created and running successfully.
So that my practice on Machine 1 will not interrupt.

Now how to share or publish the project to another machine

Machine 2 have already Robot and orchestrator already present

Note: am using the community version


@chaithanya_kumar_M ,

Publish your package from Machine 1 to the Orchestrator.

Then create a robot and provision the machine 2 in the Orchestrator. In that you can deploy the package which you have published from Machine 1.

Hi @sarathi125

can you please elaborate it, please


Screenshot 2021-05-14 154621
If you check next in Package Properties, you will go to this page.
For the “Public to” Dropdown, choose Custom
Then, the “Custom URL” will enable, you can choose the folder path, it will save the .nupkg file for you.
You can upload the .nupkg file in community

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