How to publish project and run bot on multiple machine?


Once I click Publish Project, how can i run this bot on multiple laptops without using Orchestrator? Would appreciate if you could advise the followings:

  • Need to install UiPath Studio on all the laptops that I want to run this bot?
  • Need to have the codes and published on all the different laptops?

Please advise, thank you.

@emily Do you use Enterprise edition or community edition?

Hi @Sugumar8785 I’m using the community edition


If you need to run it in multiple machines without using Orchestrator then you need to follow below steps.

  1. Once development completed then you need to publish process and then it will generate .nupkg file.
  2. You need to copy this package into each and every system under packages folder.
  3. And then you can run it from UiRobot system tray as you don’t have Orchestrator.

Nice! Thanks @lakshman

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