How to publish Package to particular Folder (Ex: Test Folder)

Can someone help me to explain how should I upload package to particular folder ?
I am selecting Custom option on Publish option, It is asking me for URL. I am confused here .



please go to the following

click on publish options, in the first dropdown select custum and in custom url select your test folder and the click in publish, it will publish the package in the folder you have selected


Confused. I have one folder “Test” on Orchestrator.
So, If I want to upload package from Local computer or any VM , Which URL I can use ?

oh i shared for local folder, if you want to publish in any folder in orchestrator make sure that you are working in that folder,

here you have to select the folder you are working on, and then click publish


Click orchestrator tenant and it will deploy your package in the folder you have selected



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