How to provide output of one API as input to another API on UiPath?

I am getting a list of output by calling the first API through https, however I am unable to understand to how to provide each item of this output list as input to another API on UiPath. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

can you give more information.
What API are you using?
If you are using Orchestrator what are the APIs you are trying to trigger ?

Hi @anushka.prasad

The data or the json response that you are getting from 1st API, would have to be passed in the body section of 2nd API, that being said, only if the 2nd API takes all the parameters or objects being returned from 1st API,

If there are some changes required you would have to put a logic to remove the parts from the response of 1st API.



  1. Deserialize the json response you got from 1 and extract the data…jobj("Key").ToString will give the value of respective key…if it is jarray then can use loop and use jarr(0) to get the first array item and inside array to access each key use like this jarr(0)("key").ToString
  2. Then pass the require ddata in the body or header of the second api as needed


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