How to protect automation from unwanted changes

I’m designing some automated processes, but other people have access to these ready-made automations and end up changing some part of the process, with that they end up changing some things that make the process no longer work.

Is there the possibility of putting a password in the process so they don’t mess with anything? It would be more or less like protecting a spreadsheet in excel, which is blocked to perform any changes.

Thank you very much in advance

Estou elaborando alguns processos automatizados, porém outras pessoas tem acessos a essas automações prontas e acabam alterando alguma parte do processo, com isso acaba alterando algumas coisas que faz o processo não funcionar mais.

Existe a possibilidade de colocar uma senha no processo para não mexerem em nada? Seria mais ou menos como proteger uma planilha no excel, que fica bloqueado para executar alguma alteração.

Desde já agradeço


Sharing my thoughts on your question.

As per my knowledge we don’t have any option to lock the process for editing in studio. My suggestion would be we can have version control for our process by connecting uipath to version control tools like SVN or GiT. If our process connected with version control we can have our version should be safe and if any body added any code we can roll back to our version. Please give it try this option. Thanks.

And one more point this is not best practice but I am sharing. Whenever we create our process work flow it will save in projects folder. We can have some security settings like we can assign read/write access to some users and who and all we don’t want them to edit the process we can just give them read access. Just review these comments and see if it helps you. Thanks.

They shouldn’t have Studio if they’re not developers. Why are these people given access to the code and Studio to edit the automations?