How to Properly Retrieve and Pass Dropdown Values from HTML Forms to UiPath Workflows

Hello eveyone,

I am currently using a new Form package and trying to integrate HTML with the Form. My current requirement is to retrieve the return value of a dropdown box in HTML and pass this value to my UiPath workflow. However, I am unsure how to achieve this.

I have tried modifying the Get Value method, which successfully retrieves the value before closing the Form, but it does not pass the value to the workflow. It is possible that I am not using the correct method. Currently, I use a workaround where I copy the value to the clipboard and then retrieve it in the workflow. Similarly, I could write the value to an Excel or Txt file or even use the Orchestrator, but I believe this is not the correct approach, even though it fulfills the requirement.

I would like to know if there is a proper method to achieve this.

I will attach the test file for your reference.

Thank you for your assistance.


Test (181.1 KB)


please check this




I have tried this method but it failed. I suspect the issue is because I am using HTML instead of the built-in UiForm. Could you please help check my workflow?



Your workflow should be like this.

Your updated code:
Test (6.5 KB)

Sample Run:
Get Form Values

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you can add the id attributes as arguments to get the values using get forms values

Here it is explained as well


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Hi bro,

Perfect, it works,
I should not close the form within the trigger.

Thanks for your support.

happy automation!

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