How to program an action after the countdown reaches 00?

I have a webpage where countdown reaches 00 and almost inmediatly appears a button. Sometimes button does not appeard inmediatly bc of a slow connection.

I have this countdown on my webpage:


When reaches 00:00:00:00 a button apears and must be clicked.

How to program actiones in thata dynamic image or how to select to be recognized? and how to programm so that when reaches 00 wait until that button appears an inmediatly must be clicked?

How about using an “Element Exists” on that button that has to appear, with a timeout a little higher than the countdown?

Hi, it is useful. However i do not if there was an update thata i could not find “Element Exist”

And CV Element Exist give me error with the message “activity needs to be inside a cv screen scope”


I used Check App State and it worked, However, in the statement else or “If it does not appear” i would to set an indication that uipath must be checking until element appears.

Is it possible?
Because if i set a timeout similar to my page sometimes could delay because of timezone.
Even, when timeoout reaches 00:00:00 could delay charging the element and it has to do the action almost inmediatly.

Hope, you could help me.

I found this a a solution. But element is not called “Element Exist”, it is now “Check App State”. Going to try same action in Python and compare results. Community there always respond queries.

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