How to process to data tables which we are getting data from two different servers

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I need to download csv file from two different servers through cmd and process the data of 2 csv files. How to process this in re frame work.Please help me


ReFramework is the template which can be used when we have multiple transaction items or multiple things to process with.

In your case, it can be done in a single sequence. Things to do: you need to use Invoke powershell to run the commands for files downloading and for processing the data, we have CSV activities available.

Can please share if you have any xaml file with similar scenario

Here is the screenshot which will help you to do this…


  1. Invoke power shell is the one used to run the command to download.
  2. Path exists is the activity to check whether the downloaded file exists in the location or not
  3. If path exists, then use read csv activities to process the csv files.
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For downloading from cmd we have code its working fine. I am looking for how to process data which is extracted from 2 different csv files from different servers

You can process it using two read CSV activities, open two files in two different activities and save them in data table and do the necessary.

What you are trying to process?