How to process the Orchestrator Transaction which is already being Processed by other BOT?

My Scenario is Bot will insert transactions, BOT 2 has to get the transactions and to process the transactions. Once bot 2 has completed the transaction, Bot 3 has to get the completed transactions from orchestrator queue and process in another application. I am stuck in how bot 3 get the completed transaction even there is no activity to get the successful transactions.

HI @MohsinIftikhar

You can use multiple queues…
Use one queue for Bot 1 to insert the data for Bot 2 to process. Bot 2 will then take the items from that queue and process each. In the workflow Bot 2 executes, you can add set of activities which can upload the successful items to another queue which Bot 3 will be using. The items you add to the queue will be of status “New”. Then, you bot 3 can refer only to that queue and access the newly added items and process them against the application it is working on…

Hope it helps

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