How to process related items by single bot

Hi Team,

We have a process wherein, we’re receiving input data for processing in excel format. We have 3 columns called A,B and C(names changes for understanding purpose). For a single value of A, there could be multiple values of B, separated by multiple rows and for each B value, there could be multiple values of C, separated by individual rows.
For unique combination of A, B and C, we have to create order in SAP systems. so there could be multiple unique combinations A,B and C, which would result in multiple orders to be created in SAP.
The constraint here is, all the entries/rows belonging to single value of A, has to be processed by single bot as SAP locks out processing by other bots if it’s being processed by one bot.
We would be using queues and ReFramework to implement the solution.

I would like to know how to ensure that all the records pertaining single value of A is processed by one bot and also we handle the reporting aspects of the data being processed by bot. Because for unique combination of A,B and C, we have to mark it as Successful if order is created and mark it as Business or Application exception depending on the type of exception. Below is the sample data view for reference.


Any inputs for solution designing highly appreciated.