How to process newly added queue items instead of existing item in the same queue?!

whenever I added a new item to the queue and try to process it, it also processes the previously added existing items in the same queue. I want to run the bot with the newly added queue item. how can I do that?

Hi @Althaf_nazeer_Nazeer

Try with the Properties from get queue items and Check the option new!


but I am using RE framework here, so where should I execute this activity?

Hi @Althaf_nazeer_Nazeer

Before adding the new transaction in the Queue, delete the existing transaction.

Please find the below screen shot for your reference.

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REFramework is designed to continue processing valid queue items that are in a New or Retry state. If you want to alter this behaviour you’ll need to modify the workflow when fetching the next queue item using the activity suggested by Pravin.

Alternatively you can also do a couple things

  1. Adjust the priorities/deadline of your Queue Item to be higher than the pre-existing items.
  2. Use a different Queue and configure with a different process and if needed adjust that process’s priority.
  3. Don’t use REFramework if it’s not needed. If the same process creates the Queue Item you could have it both Create and Set to In Progress using the AddTransactionItem activity.


If the Status of the previous Queue Items are New then the Transaction Item will always pick and execute those

To avoid you can place below and try

Hope this may help you