How to Process Mining tool detects which tasks are automatable with RPA Robot?


We are trying to introduce us with Process Mining UiPath tool and we understand that the tool identifies whick task in the scheme are automatable with RPA.

How do it this identification? Is it configurable by any config file? Is there any documentation about this part?

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that has AI enabled algorithm to detect certain tasks are in the sequence and are performed again and again. That tracks the input, system navigation and wait times to decide what can be automated.

Regarding configuring → you can have the configuration settings to tweak how the algorithm will react to your system interaction

There is a decent documentation that helps us to understand that:

Getting Started With UiPath Process Mining - RPA Tutorial | UiPath

You can download the whitepaper from below link, that will be more useful at enterprise level to present this product

The what, why, and how of using process mining to become a fully automated enterprise™ | UiPath

We have requested a product demo to UiPath and that was very insightful, if you have a enterprise license, contact the UiPath manager assigned to your company and request for a demo. That is the best way to get the info in detail and clear the doubts

Thanks @rahulsharma for your references!

I thought UiPath had differences to implement this with respect to other process mining tools.

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Not a lot, but few unique features are surely there. AppOne is good for POC stage that helps to give the proper documentation to get the ballpark figure on the basis of initial level analysis.

Rest you can always share your thoughts and expectations and idea with the UiPath anywhere, they might consider possible ones in enchantment.

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