How to process each row of extracted data table and match with Excel?

Need urgent help on below query.

  • I have to read excel and get each value for column D to process on Website.
    (EX: D1 - put on website , whatever data I get for D1 have to extract them and process further)

  • I am extracting data from Website which includes sometimes 1 row and sometimes more than one row.

Want to achieve below step.
*** Each of the time I have to match Column P from Excel with website’s Colum 5’s data. there is currency value which I have to match , IF it match then have to check Column M of Excel and Column 6 (Contains some specific string that I have to check) IF both matches then have to process further.**

See below SS from Extract table.

Each time I am getting that blue highlighted rows after each of the rows that I will use to process.

Highlighted yellow column I have to match.

Thank You