How to process all the items of the queue one after another with a single schedule/run?

How to process all the items of the queue one after another with a single schedule/run ?

That is exactly how the queue works. Refer the documentation.

Please let us know what you have tried and the issue you are facing. This can help people in the forum to give you specific answers.

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Buddy @Tanushree

Thats a good question…
.Queues generally usee to avoid the reusage of data i e., To avoid duplicates
And secondly it is used to handle large data betwee two applications simultaneously, that is a dispatcher can upload to queues and a performer can take from queues…here dispatcher and performer means the workflow or the process so called

So for your case…here comes the answer…generally to give values to queues or to take values from queues, we need an iteration, a loop…the word itself implies…yes we need
either a flowchart that can iterate between two activities like an activity with data and another activity called add queue items and a connector that iterate through both the activities again and again until all items get added to the queue…
A for each loop or a while loop or any loop you want. .with the input of queue item count

Similarly to get the item from queue and process it…we need the same but there is a difference with second activity called Get Transaction Item activity. This must be again placed in a flowchart iteration or a for each loop like this

To effectively use a queue kindly have a look at this URL

Hope this would help you buddy


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Is that working buddy… @Tanushree


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