How to print the HTTP Request Activty of URL info just posted?

Is It any reslut,like typed into the IE url?thanks!

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Buddy Kindly elaborate your issue so that it could be easy for us to get into this in right direction
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Hi @donghai,

Yes there was way. You can use Start Process (for Open IE) and use parameters (for URL link).

Another way is use ‘Execute Sell command’ activity with “iexplore.exe

Michael Udhaya

I want to use it like Write Line activty,or WireShart tools,after my posted it,I want to know the actual post data. :slight_smile: thanks

Can you explain the process flow of your code!

like ,i want to use the third party API,i want to know what data i have posted. English is not my native language.I am sorry that I can’t explain it so clearly. :slight_smile:

Hello, I think I’m having a similar issue to this where I can’t find the details of what I sent.

When using the HTTP Request Wizard I’m able to assign Parameters and URL segments and then when previewing the request I can see what I’ve sent in the Request Info.

How can I get the Request Info from the HTTP Request activity?

Using UiPath Studio Pro v2020.4.1 and UiPath.WebAPI.Activities v1.9.2 as there was an error when using v1.11.1
Screenshot 2022-06-13 174450

Hi Samuel

I suggest you to test it in PostMan first.


That’s what I do, but I’ve got dynamically generated parameters and URL segments so need to see what the activity sends in its request.

Hi Samuel

I had give up to solve this thing, I had test it successful by PostMan. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, for generating dynamic requests I’m finding String.Format to populate the endpoint argument is providing better visibility than the Parameters or URL Segments.

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