How to print same value in excel starting from one row to a specific row

I am extracting reviews of some colleges from google maps the list of which I am reading from an excel sheet and to import this table to my website I need to print the id of those college starting from the row from where its reviews start to the row with its last review and so on for another college. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you


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I had a doubt , how to identify which college review are here ?


For that I have used DataTable.Rows.Count.ToString where the count gives the total number of extracted rows in each iteration which is equal to the number of reviews extracted for that college.


check below for your reference, Since the below use case is to check he row is empty or not, but may be it may useful
RPA DataTable: Get Previous Row Column Value, Set to Current Row Column Value - #2 by Latif

Hope this helps you