How to print multiple data through ML Skill

Hii Community,
I’m using LightTextClassification ML package in my ML skill.
The csv file which i’m taking is as below and storing it in “input_dt” variable.

Then converting it into a string as below.

And then passing input to ML skill

After this output of ML Skill contains only one result and the final data table is as below.


But according to my requirement “Respective Category” should be printed for all rows based on the condition.
Please suggest me some solutions.
Thanks in advance.

You must send each row in the data table as individual requests to the ML Skill, instead of sending a JSON array with all rows from the table. So what you should do is:

  1. Add a For Each Row in DataTable activity to loop through your data table to be classified
  2. In each loop, call your ML Skill providing the data from CurrentRow("Body").ToString, assuming you would like classify based on the value in the Body column
  3. The response would contain the predicted class for that row, which you can assign to CurrentRow("Respective Category").ToString, assuming the Urgency column is where you would like to assign the output.


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