How to print jarry variable log Message?

How to print jarry variable log Message??

de_json(“results”)(“row”).ToObject(Of JArray) share work flow


First, ensure you have the Newtonsoft.Json package installed. You can install it via NuGet Package Manager with the following command:

Install-Package Newtonsoft.Json

Deserialize the JSON string into a JArray object using Newtonsoft.Json.


Try jArray.ToString

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Hi @domsmgtmeet22

Try the below syntax:

Log Message: "JArray Contents: " + de_json("results")("row").ToObject(Of JArray)().ToString()

Hope it helps!!

Hey @domsmgtmeet22
You can try converting it to a string or use a for each loop to display the individual elements.

jsonArrayString = String.Join(",", de_json("results")(0)("row").ToObject(Of JArray).Select(Function(x) x.ToString()))

ForEach: item in de_json("results")("row").ToObject(Of JArray)
log message: item.ToString

we recommend using the debugging panels
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