How to print items with line feed in the results file

Good Day
I get an excel that contains two order records with the same identification found in two rows, but it has a column that determines the number of items.

How could I obtain in the printing of results a single row with the information of the client’s order, and obtain in the second, third and fourth line the requested items

Help me please!

HI @Sebasthian_Arias,

Are the orders in a different row like in the excel image?
like in the image?
Akced order1
Akced order2
do you want to print it here?

Or in the notepad? sorry but the images confused me a little.

  1. Orders are different determiner by article.
  2. The quantity of articles is determined by the column quantity_articles
  3. It is for printing in a .txt file


So just use read range activity to read the excel. then use the output datattable activity to print the info as text. Then just use write text file

I already did that, the drawback is that I get duplicate items.

At the time of printing the results I don’t know how to perform the line break to print the articles

So you have to run out of duplicates, I have printed the articles

Then use remove duplicates


Thanks for your help

  1. Duplicates still come out
  2. How do I print the articles if I am determined in ADD DATA ROW the ARRAYS