How to print data of next day

Situation :

Date Info Number
05/02/2022 ABC 1
05/03/2022 DEF 2
05/04/2022 IJK 3
05/05/2022 LMO 4

I have a table like this, Not what I have to do is, Say today’s date is 05/02/2022, So I want to print the info of 05/03/2022 today.

Similarly when tomorrow the date changes changes to 05/03/2022, I want to print the info of 05/04/2022

Like if Today’s date is 05/02/2022, so when I run My program The data printed should be “ DEF 2 “ which is the data of the date 05/03/2022

So Basically I want to print the data of the next day basis on the current day.

How to achieve this ? Any Ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Main (6).xaml (11.5 KB)
Read table and lookup datatable, if foundRow = -1, date is not found, otherwise we can print out result


Hi @Ishan_Shelke1,

  1. First assign a variable TodayDate = Today() and set the datatype as DateTime.
  2. Now, use this method DateDiff(DateInterval.Day,CDATE(ExcelRowValue),TodayDate).ToString in if condition and if equals to 1, then you can perform the further process based on your requirement.

I hope this helps to solve your issue.


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