How To Prevent User Selection In Edit Triggers From Being Cleared After Updating Trigger Information Through ProcessSchedules API In OnPrem Orchestrator

User Selection in Edit Triggers is Reset After Updating Trigger Info Through ProcessSchedules API in OnPrem Orchestrator 20.10.5 .

For the user selection not to be cleared on update ,

  • ExecutorRobots parameter MUST be included

A simple example of this would be as below:


"Name": "Trigger Name",

"Enabled": true,

"ReleaseId": 48,

"ReleaseKey": "267XXXXXX....",

"StartProcessCron": "0 0 0 ? 1/5 SUN *",

"StartStrategy": 1,

"ExecutorRobots": [


"Id": 2



"TimeZoneId": "Korea Standard Time",

"TimeZoneIana": "Asia/Seoul",

"Id": 6