How to prevent the next workflow executing based on previous workflow results based

hi Team,

i have 3 work flows i added in process continually one after one. but 2 nd workflow is checking the login is success or not. if not success i want to stop the next (3)rd workflow.
help me


You assign boolean variable in login success path inside your second workflow and pass that variable outside in flow decision where you can give a particular condition.
If “True” then 3rd Workflow else your condition.


i missed to pass the 3rd work flow in passed case… thanks

now it is taking always else part even the login pass also…


I believe “Failed” is your Boolean Variable to check if Login is success or not, remove the =False condition , as if it self validates whether boolean (Failed) value is true or not.


after i removed the “=false” in if clause in that case only taking login success is working
but if failed the login then it is not working else case.
note: i haven’t set any default value to boolean variable

Pass default value as False, If loggin is successful a variable indicating Login successful should contain value = True (use element exists to check for a element appears after LogIn), if login is Failed (it will carry the default false value ).

i tried but only true condition is executing always… false case is not working