How To Prevent Studio From Auto-Updating?

Why did Studio/Robot/Assistant upgrade automatically and how to prevent this?

Issue: Why did Studio/Robot/Assistant upgrade automatically and how to prevent this?

Resolution: The first thing to check in this case would be to make sure that no auto-update policies are set (per User/Group/Machine) in Orchestrator. If at least one policy is set, then that would explain the described behavior.

To completely disable automatic updates, set the "Client binaries (Robot, Studio, Assistant etc.) auto-update policy" to None, which can be done in the following 3 locations:

  1. Machine:

  1. User:

  1. Groups:


  • If the policy applied to the user is set to None, but they are also part of a group that has a specific policy set (e.g. Latest Patch), the group policy applies. If the components for that specific user is not required to be updated, either remove them from the group that has the policy or set the update policy to be at the current version that is installed
  • For users that have the Automation Express license assigned, the update policy cannot be edited and is set to deliver the latest enterprise version
  • In the event a user-level policy, a group-level policy, and a machine-level policy apply to the same Robot, the user-level policy takes precedence.

The automatic update push is also set if the Studio is installed using the Community installer.

  • Check if this is the case this by going to Studio > Home tab - in the lower-left corner under the UiPath logo find the installation type (send UiPath Support a screenshot as well).
  • If the Community edition is installed, Studio and Robot are automatically updated as soon as a new version is available (as explained in the Update Studio documentation).
  • Note that it is not possible to disable the automatic Studio updates in this case, so in order to prevent this behavior, reinstall Studio on the affected machine using the Enterprise installer.