How to prevent OCR from skipping every other file after reading a null value?

My process is supposed to run through 100 image files using OCR. However, when the OCR reads null, it throws ArgumentNullException and stops looping through the remaining PDF files.

How can I make the OCR activity continue on error?

Hi @sundalpathyREBORN,

One solution could be to set the ContinueOnError option of your OCR activity to True, as follows:


More details, about this option you can find here

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Hey man it doesnt seem to work. I keep getting the ArugmentNullException error. PLEASE HELP

Hi @sundalpathyREBORN,

It’s strange.
Anyway, another not so elegant approach could be:

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hi i am new here could you please help me how could i loop 100 of jpg file in Google/Micrsoft OCR

u could use a for each and nest the ocr in it

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have u won a puskas award?

i am using get ocr text activity and its asking for image datatype variable i also use load image activity to load image then use that variable to get ocr text but i am getting selector error please help to achieve this if you have any example please share