How to prevent a form from clearing web form fields on save

I have a UiPath workflow that types in an select items in web form fields, but then clears some of these fields when I click ‘save’. I can not disclose the xaml file, but the website contains some text fields and drop down menus that gets completed by the robot. But as the robot clicks ‘save’, five fields (and the same fields every time) are emptied and I receive an error message about the missing text/selection in these five Fields, and the robot cannot continue its work.
I cannot alter the code for the website. I have to find a workaround for this problem. Suggestions on how to approach this problem is much appreciated.

What happens when you type it in manually? Do the fields clear similar to how the robot does it?
Is it just the text fields or drop downs that get cleared?

If it is just the text fields, it appears to be a problem with the way the robot is typing into the fields, so play around with how you do that, e.g. try with simulate type / without simulate type.

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Typed manually, everything works fine.
I came up With a JavaScript solution for the drop Down menus (inject js Script Activity), and that took care of the problem withe the drop Down menus. However JavaScript didn’t solve the problem With the text Fields.