How to press a set of buttons on a browser based on a list from Excel

I have an excel list of email addresses that I would like to cross check from a list in a browser. If the email address exists in the list in the browser, I then want to press the related options button, then in the options dialog press the reset password.

So far I have managed to log in and navigate to the correct page, open the correct excel, store the email addresses from excel in a variable via a ‘for each’ action, but then I’m not sure how to check if that variable exists on the web page.

If it does exist, how do I then get the correct Options button pressed.


use for each In the same loop use get text activity and get the email address form the web page (you have to make selector dynamic to get the email address from the web page )
use the if activity to compare the excel variable and get text variable
the condition you provide like excel var.trim = get text variable.trim.
then do the necessary actions. put break
else nothing.