How to preserve Cell Format while doing Write Range

I have Sheet One In which I have The Cell width set to 10 and it’s color as red

While doing Write Range The formatting doesn’t apply.

How Can I copy the format of the cell along with it’s data ?


Use Read range and choose the preserve format in the properties panel…

Try this and let me know…


Tried. Not Working


Have you selected the preserve format for both read range and also for write range?

If not try this…



I can’t see any preserve format option for write range here though


We can do this in modern activities…

Try like this:

If you’re in classic design experience try this to get the modern activities

Show classic

In Place of classic you can see the Show Modern

Then Try Like this:



can you create a blank template e.g. template1.xlsx with the correct formatting?e.g. cell width/color

then before you write range, make a copy of this template e.g. **template1.xlsx → template2.xlsx **and use write range on template2.xlsx

Thanks :slight_smile: @jack.chan

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