How to prepare a SDD document

How to prepare a SDD documents and what are the points to be consider in preparing it .
It will be useful if you share any Realtime example of your project with detailed info about the SDD documentation process

thanks in advance

Hi @Akash_Clv

The following template will help you in designing an efficient SDD:

SDD_AutomationHub_template.docx (320.4 KB)

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You can find more info here, this would give you a fair idea:

UiPath Business Analyst Certification | UiPath Academy

Best source is PDD, however use more dollar value metrics for SDD. Contains all importamt info regarding your process: FTE saving , process metrics, BCP etc.

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hi @prateek.mehandiratta9

Can you share any example of SDD document if possible. Not the one which is provided by automation hub

thanks in advance

Here you go buddy:

Make sure to include your process level metrics to show benefits, licensing, To-be AHT, volume etc.
SDD Sample.docx (59.6 KB)

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